How we build our products is just as important as what we build.

Five key differentiators define our approach.

Partnerships with Industry Leaders

We work with iconic companies to tackle hard problems combining our proprietary technology with their industry-leading knowledge and wealth of data. Our partners give us direct access to deep, rich data collected from sensored equipment and machines throughout operations.

On-The-Ground Research

We work from the ground up, starting in the field—whether that's a rail yard, a triage unit, or a power plant—to understand real-world constraints and context of use. We see firsthand the problems our partners are trying to solve, and ones they've yet to identify.

A Platform Approach

Unbound by the structure of one specific industry, we look at data across seemingly disparate businesses through one scope for a truly massive big picture. Our platform creates ever more accurate predictions as we integrate findings discovered from patterns in data across a wide array of industries.

Integration into Workflow

We don't stop at the analytics—we deliver answers into workflow, to exactly the right person at the right time. Our integrated solutions provide real-time insights and allow for seamless action to be taken on a recommendation, producing immediate results.

A Multidisciplinary Team of Entrepreneurs

We've instituted a new way of building software. We're driving transformational change, not incremental. Using speed and agility, we're knocking down silos to build on knowledge and data to make everyone better.

We take a different approach to data, the world’s most valuable asset.

Data has always been there, unseen and uncollected. First, we were able to capture it, collect it, store it. Now, we can harness its power to change the world around us.

Big data is only getting bigger. Data volume is set to grow 50x year-over-year between now and 2020, with mission-critical data from machines and equipment expanding as more assets are connected across operations.

Companies can no longer afford to be anything but data-driven. Data used to be something to maintain and manage. Now it's a valuable asset and competitive edge.

Businesses can't build the solution themselves. Speed and technology talent limit the ability for most companies to build the software required.

That's where we come in.

"The problems that we're solving address some of the highest value-creation opportunities that I believe exist in the industrial world."

Brad Keywell, Co-Founder & CEO

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