We're building a company that values curiosity, exploration and industry.

Hi. Let us introduce ourselves.

  • We move fast and with purpose.

    We aren't your average company, and this isn't your average job. We're tackling the hardest problems at the core of industry and infrastructure. We build and deliver, but we also dare to dream.
  • Our platform is cross-discipline and so is our team.

    We are PhDs, engineers, MDs, lawyers, technologists, data scientists, designers and operators with past experiences at leading technology startups, big data software companies and Fortune 500 companies.

  • We come from different backgrounds, but our spirit is all-Chicago.

    Chicago's history is one of innovation and entrepreneurial grit, and we keep challenging the status quo of engineering, architecture, design and technology.

"It’s inspiring to see, in real time, how our collaborative work is impacting people for the better."

Jess Sattell, Brand Writer

Our values aren’t just posters on the wall. They get to the center of who we are.


Communication is the foundation of collaboration/good partnerships. We ask questions. All the time. We work with complex concepts, many of which are months—if not years—ahead of the curve.

Not only is it completely okay to admit when we don't know something, it's greatly encouraged.


We grow together by sharing experiences and exploring new territories. We are here because we believe in each other and what we all bring to the table.

We build amazing things by finding opportunities to learn together.


Thinking like entrepreneurs helps us to stay nimble and keep evolving. We're an agile culture that subscribes to Agile methodology. We build software that values humans far over assembly lines.

Nothing ever changes by standing still.


Hard work means rolling up our sleeves and diving in. We embrace problems proactively. Nearly everything at Uptake is the way it is because someone spoke up and wanted to make a change.

Resourcefulness fosters pride in our work.


We drive collaboration with humility, share responsibility, and encourage healthy debate. We make each other better when we act in service of those around us. Empathy is empowering, and so is open exchange.

"What binds us is a passion for tackling hard problems and having a lot of fun along the way."

Nick Singh, UX Researcher

We take care of each other.

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We're looking for curious, nimble and passionate people.
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