We built a platform that will transform the world of industry.

Minimize downtime. Optimize performance. Enhance safety.

Our platform can identify problems before they happen to help the world’s trains run on time, make power grids smarter, produce more food for the world’s population through precision agriculture, and manage water supplies more efficiently.

Here's how it works:

Train Uptake UI

Machines are generating huge amounts of data all over the world, at unfathomable rates.

Data Generation

We collect this valuable data from sensored equipment, operations, and external sources, like weather and traffic.

Data Normalization

We clean and normalize data from real-time, disparate sources.

Data Storage

Our polyglot data store ensures that information is available at the right place and time to effectively move through models.

Data Analysis

Our models use a proprietary rules engine and machine-learning technology to enable real-time recommendations.

Tools & Services

Our tools and services work together across industries, creating solutions that power intelligent work.


These prescriptive solutions integrate into any workflow, at any time, delivering intuitive and actionable recommendations.


Our proprietary platform meets the demands of the modern enterprise.


Flexible frameworks are designed to scale and leverage evergreen technologies.


Integration with workflow makes insights actionable and provides timely answers.


A world-class machine learning engine grows smarter in one industry because of learnings in another.


Robust security and infrastructure support mission critical needs.

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