Our industry solutions improve uptime, minimize failures, reduce fuel costs, and streamline operations.

At Uptake we help customers realize the value of their data.

Sensors and gauges on industrial assets collect billions of data points every day. We give customers the tools and visuals to transform that data into real and measurable value.

Our broad range of industrial solutions include:

Condition-Based Monitoring

Track real-time measurements from thousands of high-value assets across your industrial ecosystem. Understand each asset’s health status and location in every corner of the globe and make informed decisions about how and when they are maintained, using the world’s most intuitive industrial analytics and visualization platform.

Planning and Forecasting

Create optimal operation plans based on performance data and schedule recovering strategies to minimize operational disruptions due to unforeseen events. Improve forecasting to ensure that parts and equipment are available when needed, minimizing unscheduled downtime.

Fuel and Energy

Manage and optimize the yield of fuel and energy. Improve fuel efficiency with the ability to adapt to network conditions and plan routes based on speed, terrain, and other constraints. Monitor asset performance and benchmark assets in a fleet to identify poorly performing assets and equipment in need of repair or maintenance.

Supply Chain Optimization

Increase the speed of operations by connecting data points across your enterprise. Calibrate interdependent processes, so that activity in one section of the supply chain triggers automated best responses throughout your connected operation.

Performance Optimization

Improve speed, efficiency and effectiveness across operations using asset tracking to adjust operating plans; incorporating asset-specific context like weather, terrain and geography. Analyze operator actions to identify trends and efficiencies. Gather network insights to improve solutions within business constraints.

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