The open source way. (Welcome to our blog.)

For decades the software industry was dominated by a packaged, closed source model, and powerful tech companies built incredible businesses by researching, writing, shipping, supporting and upgrading solutions. But over time, an alternative developed.

Many blog posts have been written about that alternative—open source software. We could talk for days about the advantages of community driven development, how technologically advanced open source has become or the growth and monetization of many open source startups.

This isn’t quite that post.

At Uptake, our engineers contribute to the open source community. Our product teams leverage cutting-edge research and open source technology to help build our proprietary Uptake platform. (A platform that literally could not have been built a few years ago, without advancements driven by the open source community.)

Instead of simply embracing open source, we want to embody it.

At Uptake, one of our core values is curiosity. So, in the spirit of open source learning, we’re rolling out this blog. Starting with this post, we’ll be throwing ideas out there for public consumption.

We’re a nimble and rapidly growing startup based in the Midwest working with leading, industry-defining companies. We’re pretty sure we have a different perspective, and we’re excited to share it. We’re an interdisciplinary team—engineers, designers, data scientists and more—that tries to rethink problems, whether in building our product or building our company. Our blog will feature Uptake team members discussing their work, ideas and approach to certain problems and disciplines. We want to talk about how to build software that handles enormous amounts of data in new and impactful ways, as well as how to build a company as it goes through crazy growth.

We hope you’ll find this conversation valuable, and we look forward to contributing our ideas to the world. And as is always the case with open source ideas, we’ll be learning as we go.